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Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides availing obvious benefits to our clients, Nexabion as a socially committed corporatetakes pride in being inclined to society. We always remain motivated to volunteer our time, effort and skills to offer the best possible provisions to the communities where we work.

Our team integrates environmental and social courtesies in its business operations. We cultivate a culture that continuously strives to achieve a balance of social, ecological and economic elements. Corporate Social Responsibility in fact is one of the pillars of Nexabion.

Applying enthusiastically our ingenious spirit,passion to innovate and ambitious attitude, CSR by Nexabion is reflected in the following ventures:

Nexabion Green Club

Obligation to environment must come first and the foremost. Realizing this fact, we have initiated Nexabion Green Club. We are productively maintaining a nursery where we collect and plant the seeds and saplings of the indigenous trees of Western Ghats in government as well as non-government vacant lands. Nexabion has also succeeded in leveraging the effectiveness of this process by incorporating technology. We have developed a GPS based android application for taking periodical updates about the planted trees. This data is always available to the public via the green clubs website.

Support for SMRC

We serve as the technology partner for SMRC, the non-profit organization operating with a vision of understanding and bettering the marine ecosystems and its flora-fauna population by means of dedicated research. Nexabion provides a surfeit of technical assistance to SMRC which includes but are not limited to solutions for the monitoring, statistics and surveys of marine species.

Our priorities are clear, definite and distinctive. In long run, we are looking forward to synergize with the likeminded and thus add values to the diverse scenarios concerning nature and mankind.