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Agile Development Team

Success of any firm is closely associated with the methodology followed. Nexabion is very much concerned about the same and hence follows the most modern agile development methodology.

The technology has remarkably outstanding positives which can enhance the quality of services. Agile bestows great opportunities for team engagement. At every step, client is involved and this high degree of association with the client enables the team to precisely comprehend the customer vision. There is pleasingly enough transparency starting from feature prioritizing to planning of iteration and the review sessions. Another advantage is that navigation between the development phases can be done with ease.

Agile development technology assures predictable and quicker delivery. Also with the use of time boxed and fixed plan iterations, each iteration cost is foreseeable. This allows the client to understand approximate cost for each feature. Thus the client can make well thought-out decisions about the precedence of features and need for further iterations.

Changes can be easily made with this technology. There is always opportunity for refining and reprioritizing the entire product backlogs. And the changed new backlog items can easily be planned for next iterations.
We use this immensely flexible technology in our projects and have remained successful in exploiting the scope availed by it to the maximum possible extent.